We are

We are a multinational food company that seeks to revolutionize food at the consumer’s service with innovative, high-quality products. To do so, we base our business model on a constant commitment to innovation, to offer new and better solutions to the food market and to consumers, and on people, who are our main asset.

The group is composed of more than 800 professionals distributed in 7 work centers within Spain and Italy.

We market major brands among which are:
La Gula del Norte®, Krissia®, Aguinamar®, Royal® and Riunione®.

We have a mission

Revolutionizing food at the consumer’s service

The company is aware that serving consumers in an area as important as food requires responding to the major challenges facing society in a systemic and long-term manner. For this reason, the main elements that make up our model are as follows:


The study and research of consumer behavior to identify their current and future needs.

The technological revolution of products and processes. Today, more than ever, the challenges we face as a society require combining internal R&D capabilities with collaboration with the open innovation ecosystem.

Innovation in all the organization’s processes, both in technology and management. Serving the consumer requires challenging the status quo not only in our products, but also in our operations and way of working.

Our vision

To be a leading multinational food company in its commitment to innovation and people.