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Our history

Several family businesses with a long tradition in elver fisheries decided to join their efforts and create the largest company in the sector.

Get to know

Our history

Several family businesses with a long tradition in elver fisheries decided to join their efforts and create the largest company in the sector.

The key to our success is I+P

We are committed to innovation because it is one of the cornerstones of Angulas Aguinaga. Ever since the company’s inception and creation, innovation has been in our DNA.

We believe that people are the most important asset at Angulas Aguinaga. And as our pledge to them, the company is committed to training, attracting and retaining talent.

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Innovation: The Only Way

Learn about the history of Angulas Aguinaga from 1974 to the present day.
Learn how it has evolved, permanently relying on innovation and quality, to offer new and better solutions to the food market and to consumers based on high quality seafood products that are simple and easy to prepare.


The story of our company starts in 1974 when several family companies with a long history in the fishing industry and commercialization of elver decided to unite their efforts and create the largest company in the sector, ANGULAS AGUINAGA, SA.


The eel market began to fall drastically in the early 80s, a drop so significant that Angulas Aguinaga only managed to sell 10% of the usual volume. Faced with a problem of great magnitude, the company had to seek business alternatives, deciding to create a natural substitute for the eel.


Christmas of 1991 saw the launch of ‘La Gula del Norte’ and marked the end of Angulas Aguinaga fishing and commercialization of eel. ‘La Gula del Norte’ is a surimi substitute that has had great success due to its high quality and ease of preparation.
The product is protected by two patents owned by Angulas Aguinaga SA, which recognizes the inventive nature of the product as well as the manufacturing process.


The company launches the first advertising campaign of ‘La Gula del Norte’ on television. Throughout its history, advertising and taste testing are key factors that have contributed to its success.


As the undisputed leader in its category, La Gula del Norte launches its first premade meals “CALENTAR Y LISTO”. Prepared meals ready to be eaten with La Gula® del Norte as its main ingredient and partnered with delicious complements.


In 2000, the product range is extended based on surimi with Krissia, a crab substitute. The product has a quality superior to those available in the markets, and, in addition, refrigerated.


The company continues to innovate with ‘La Gula del Norte’. This time, redesigning thepackaging of their premade meals, “CALENTAR Y LISTO”. The meals come in easy-to-prepare
individual packages in which you can see the product and dispose with what has been done until then.


Angulas Aguinaga launches Sololomos, portions of fish ready to cook without skin or bones,
that are ideal for the whole family. It is made with the best quality fish in three different
varieties: hake, salmon and cod.


In March 2007, Angulas Aguinaga launches to the market Octopus by Angulas Aguinaga. High quality octopus that is 100% guaranteed by Angulas Aguinaga.
In September 2007, Angulas Aguinaga launches a new packaging for La Gula del Norte that contains two individual portions. It is a container that revolutionizes the market.


In July 2008 KING ARTIK is introduced to the market. The product by Angulas Aguinaga offers a new range of prawn tails and entire prawns ready to eat. A product of ease, excellent quality and simple to use.


Twenty years have passed since La Gula del Norte was launched.


Angulas Aguinaga launches AGUINAMAR®, a new brand that showcases the company’s experience in modern fishing and created with the premise of offering consumers an easy way to enjoy quality seafood products. The products included in the Aguinamar® line are: mussels, pintxo from San Sebastian, seafood pintxo, shrimp, octopus, cod and seafood rings.


The company launches “Alminuto “, La Gula® del Norte with : prawns, garlic and mushrooms. This new product aims to offer various ways for the consumer to enjoy La Gula® del Norte with all the taste without losing time in the kitchen.


As part of its commitment to innovation and quality, Angulas Aguinaga has crafted a fat-free recipe to take care of you and maintain a balanced diet. With this launch, Krissia® locks in the product’s flavour and freshness, and it is the perfect accompaniment for light salads.


La Gula del Norte launches its new gluten-free, low-salt version of La Gula del Norte, aimed at customers with gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy.
This variety is also designed for people who are required to eat a low-salt diet for health reasons, but who do not want to give up eating and enjoying tasty food.


This year, La Gula del Norte celebrates its 30th anniversary by entering the ready meal market, with new ready-to-eat recipes for consumers.
Swap the fish counter for the ready meal aisle, with three new ready-to-eat recipes which are an easy and tasty option for those who do not have time to cook.



Recognized as a company that offers innovative, quality and easy solutions to the food market.



Es reconocida como una empresa que ofrece al mercado de la alimentación soluciones innovadoras, de calidad y cómodas.