At Angulas Aguinaga, we are committed to innovation and quality and constantly research consumer opinions and needs to offer new and better solutions for the food market. For Angulas Aguinaga, the consumer is at the heart of every development process, which is why we use online and in-person research techniques to collect the valuable information that consumers have to offer. We use qualitative techniques combined with neuroscience metrics.

Culinary Experiences (Gastro Lab)

In our Research Center we organize sensory experiences with our chef, aimed at consumers using audiovisual technology that allows you to enter spaces design by us and adapted to our clients.

Health & Nutrition

The Nutrition and Health team, together with R&D, work to design the product by studying nutritional and health trends and setting nutrition goals, with the constant aim of ever-improving nutrition. We also work with scientific societies and nutrition experts on science and outreach initiatives aimed at health professionals.


Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Angulas Aguinaga. Ever since the company’s inception and creation, innovation has been in our DNA. The company has a team of over 30 people and 1 laboratory for each production plant, with a total of 7 company laboratories.

At Angulas Aguinaga, we view innovation in a broad sense, from an external point of view, by focusing on gaining detailed knowledge of the consumer, and from a more internal point of view, through the development and manufacturing processes and how we manage our organisation.

In fact, Angulas Aguinaga has the first R&D unit in the Basque Country, where one of the key tools is the Innovation Centre, a pioneering infrastructure nationally, and the first in the Basque Country.

At the disposal of our clients and collaborators

We make our Research Center facilities and technologies available to clients and collaborators to carry out joint projects or work meetings in a comfortable and immersive environment.